Sharpie Mugs

After seeing the DIY sharpie mugs posts all over Pinterest, I decided, what the heck! I'll give it try. The hardest part was finding oil based sharpies, since most posts said to use them because they stayed on the mug the best... I wanted to use them as well. The first set of four were ordered online through Amazon (just search for oil based sharpie markers, tons will come up). Then I got a few porcelain coffee mugs (found at Homegoods). It was later discovered that my local craft store sold them as well. It wasn't a huge selection, but enough colors to start.

The one post that I followed can be found here where the mugs were baked for 30 minutes at 350 degrees. The key to this is to put the mugs in the over and THEN turn the oven on. You need to let your mugs come to temp slowly to avoid cracking and other disasters. Then once 30 minutes is up just turn off your oven and let them cool down INSIDE the oven. This should take about two hours. 

My Mom and I made a bunch of them. We've been having our tea, breakfast, lunch and sometimes dinner in these mugs! They are great size for most meals and they are super cute! 

These will make awesome Christmas gifts ... shhhh ; ]