Chalkboard Paint Herb Pots

A place of my own is finally in the nearer future! And it is time to start thinking about what I want in this place of mine. One thing is sure, I can see herbs in the kitchen window sill. 

What is great about these chalkboard paint herb pots is that I can label what type of the herb it is! I love cooking, but sometimes I can't tell the difference between parsley or cilantro. And I am one of those people that cannot stand cilantro. Hence the labeled pots! I will NEVER make that mistake again. 

What I did:

I picked up a few terra cotta pots from the local craft store, along with chalk board paint, and other colors for fun.

What you will need:

Terra Cotta pots

Chalk board paint (I used Martha Stewart Band)

Other colors of your choosing

Paint brushes

Painters' tape




A working surface


First, I painted the pots with the chalk paint. This took two to three coats to completely cover up the terra cotta surface. After the pots completely dried, I then taped off the top rim for painting of the second color. After everything is completely dry for the last time, I did what is called slating. There is where you rub the side of the chalk on the chalk paint, this preps the surface for writing in chalk (as seen on the yellow rimmed pot). Afterwards, you take a dry cloth and wipe the chalk off. Plant your herbs, and then label!