Kick start healthy habits

I am no professional when it comes to being healthy, but I do know a thing or two. I know it includes green food, cardio, and motivation. I am going to say mostly motivation. It's sooo easy to grab a bag of chips and sit on the couch wishing your legs would tone themselves. (I still wish they would) It's so easy to just say "nah, I'm not going to the gym today" and then pick up the phone to order Chinese food. It's also tasty! 

But I have decided that I am 23 and I still have a chance to try harder and do better. I am not saying that once you hit your 30s forget about it, heck no. Because there's no time like the present to take action! Recently, I just happened to get a glimpse of my future after jogging up my stairs and I was out of breath. I realized that this can't be good and decided to do something about it. 

I am not super into fitness or green food for that matter (I'll pass on the kale smoothies), but I am super into feeling happy with myself. That is all that matters. I see that these green juices are all the rage right now, but you will never see my walking around the city with one of those in my hand on my way to tuesday morning yoga. Mostly because I don't live in the city and I would be eaten by a bear or raccoon if I tried to walk anywhere around here. 


But you will see me driving to Wednesday night yoga with my friend Lauren. 

gym photo.JPG

You'll see us stretching as well ;)

You will also see my friend Lauren and I working hard at the gym or going for a very long run.


We never have a set plan when we go to the gym and we run until we've had enough. And that is enough for us to feel great. 


I haven't really changed my diet, mostly because I do eat pretty healthy... for the most part. The thing is, I love food. I love cooking and trying new things. I also really enjoy sitting down with a glass of wine or two... SO the dieting part, I will probably stay away from that. I think that there is nothing wrong with Chinese food or cheese puffs every once and a while.  I just might work a little harder at the gym the next day.

This picture was taken to annoy my dad that I had indeed broken into his cheese doodles ; ] 

This picture was taken to annoy my dad that I had indeed broken into his cheese doodles ; ] 

In conclusion I am not only working on being a little more fit, but I am also working on improving myself mentally (and physically), I am getting to know myself and my body. And for me, this equals happiness.