Have you ever joined a drumming circle?

Well up until very recently my answer to that question would have been no. However, two weekends ago my friend Lauren (also my yoga partner) went to The Breathing Room Center's five year celebration. We had a blast! We sniffed our way through the essential oils to find the exact blend that is used in the class we take. Then we each got a henna tattoo on our hands (my first henna tattoo!). We snacked on yummy food and then decided "why the heck not?!" and joined the drumming circle that they were about to start. Now if you don't know me, which you probably don't, I am what some may call musically challenged. Or to be plain and simple I cannot keep a beat, a tune... NADA! Even when I tap my foot to a song I like, I am pretty sure I am off behind on the beat : /, it's a curse. But for this particular experience that didn't matter! And thank goodness it didn't because I was all over the place trying to keep pace with the teacher. But everyone was so nice and having such a good time that your skill level wasn't important. 

The teacher talked about the different parts of the drum and were you would tap to get different pitches or tones. (I do not remember the exact terms so please bare with me) Then we went through a handful of different beats and songs. I was sad when it was over!

Before we left, Lauren and I bought a t-shirt and thanked everyone for the wonderful time we had. 

It was an experience that I truly enjoyed, and would suggest anyone and everyone to give it a try!