Since I won't be home tomorrow to participate in Caturday activities, here is your fix one day early.


Say hi to Lola.

This is also a great time to introduce the kitten I rescued about a month ago. It was the week after I got back from vacation and word was out that there was a kitten outside (at my previous job).  The animal lover inside of me just had to see this kitten! She couldn't have been more than 3 pounds and 10 weeks old, but she was absolutely beautiful. My heart was breaking every night that I would go home knowing that she was out there alone. Day 3, I decided I was going to capture her. 

A group of us had been feeding her and trying to get a hold of her, but she just would not get close enough. I was able to get her to eat out of my hand the morning we finally caught her. I knew that was a sign that she just could no longer stay outside in the wild near a very busy road. 

With her caught in a raccoon trap and in the back seat of my car, I realized I had no idea what I was doing! Ahh! I have a kitten and no place to take her (being that I already have a cat, two dogs, and a father who would not allow another animal in the house). Thankfully I had been in contact with a friend who had called BARKS, and an appointment was made for her first check-up that evening. At that point I had called my grandmother (who had been wanting a cat for over a year) and told her today was her lucky day... she was getting a kitten! I stopped at PetSmart for supplies and then headed over the vets. 

Turns out she was better off than she looked. She got her first shots, heartworm meds and ended up being flea free! When you took her out of the cage and held her, she just melted like putty in your hands. I think she felt that she was safe and no longer needed to worry about where her next meal was coming from. You would never be able to tell from the pictures below that she was a terrified 3 pound ball of fluff. Now she romps around my grandmother's apartment playing hard with her toys and causing chaos like any kitten should! My grandmother loves her to pieces and calls me almost everyday saying, "You won't believe what Jolie did, that little stinker!"

So, say hello to Jolie!

She is almost 6 months old now and is living a very happy and healthy life :D