Winter Blues and Motivation

While 2015 is moving right along... heck it's already February! Time still sort of feels like it is standing still - at least when it comes to getting stuff done and having the motivation to do said stuff. And I mean getting ANYTHING done. My laundry tends to pile up and I just think "I don't have time for this mess! Parks and Recreations is on Netflix." And my giant white fluffy blanket pulls me back into the cocoon of my bed and another one of my days off turns into a Netflix marathon. It has to be the snow and the cold and the thought of scraping ice off of my car that is two inches thick that makes me never want to leave my house. And believe me, I've tried to get out there. I've taken my dogs outside to play in the snow and I've gone out with a friend to take pictures. I still think about hibernating all winter long, but I've decided that I am going to try and slowing pick away at my to-do list until the temperature reaches above 60 degrees and flip-flops are acceptable. 

What has really helped with the winter blues are bubble baths, thanks to Lush bath bombs :)



Dogs in boots

This awesome ecourse from A Beautiful Mess. It is a combination of two courses: DSLR Basics and Photoshop for Bloggers. I highly recommend it! 

And wine. Wine is very helpful for winter blues ;)