Finally Crafting, again. Or At Least Trying!

Lately, I have been obsessed with Instagram. What am I saying, I have been obsessed with Instagram since it was released! I think it came out for the iPhone first and I had a droid at the phone. I was so upset that I couldn't play with it. Anyway, my point was, INSTAGRAM. I love it. And... Recently I have been finding and following more crafty accounts that have beautiful hand lettering designs.. stuff.. photos, whatever! And now I am extra obsessed and decided I should try doing this myself. But wait, I have terrible hand writing. I pouted about it for a few weeks. Picked up a pen a few times to try and gave up a few times as well. UGH.

But then A Beautiful Mess wrote a post about hand lettering! THANK YOU! Because that motivated me to get my sh*t together, stop being lazy and stop making excuses. 

I researched pens and paper and kinds of stuff, only to find out that I am broke :(. So I opted to start small (and be cheap) and I bought Crayola brush pen/markers, Crayola watercolor pens and watercolor paper. Everything costed less than $20 and I even had a coupon (go me)! 

Fist thing I did was just practice. Practiced writing letters, the alphabet, words and my name (with a normal pen). I also had A Beautiful Mess's Messy Pen Set that I got for Christmas and I used those as well since there is an extra fine, fine and medium pen. 

I can't say that I have perfected my hand writing but I can say that it has improved from chicken scratch to somewhat legible :) In past week I have been using the Crayola pens and markers and really really loving them. The only thing is that they are cheap and I am already seeing the wear on the tips of the pens. Soooo, since my tax return came, I ordered some Pentel brand stuff and watercolor cakes! I ordered the same pens that are linked in the hand lettering post from A Beautiful Mess (link above). They haven't come yet, but I am dying to play with them!

But until then, this what I have been doing. It's not much, but for me it's a huge deal!

So these are the pens.

The watercolor markers came with spongy paint pods (not sure what to call them). What you are supposed to do is fill the pen with water and then dip the tip into the paints. I did that at first but then I just started to apply the paint first and then dip the pen into water. I liked that better because a. I didn't have to keep refilling the pen (lazy!) and b. it created a more watery colory affect. (I know! not a word but you get what I mean). The other pens are just like markers and you don't have to do anything special to write with them. I am, however, thinking of dipping them in water to see how that looks... stay tuned!

I don't know if you can tell but I am a huge fan of Lights. I love all of her albums and her music is just amazing to me. It's inspiring, empowering and just gives you so many good "feels." (you can't see but major heart eyes right now<3<3) 

Please, excuse my terrible penmanship, the random words and letters, and my rambling. But either way, thanks for checking out my post!