Ready for iOS 9?

Who is ready for the new update for Apple products? I know I am! I try to not be technology obsessed, but I can't help but love playing with new updates :) I could spend all day learning all the new features, tricks and secret easter eggs that the new updates come with. So, what can you do to get ready for the new iOS 9 update?

  1. Back up your phone/Apple device  - This is the most important step!
  2. Go through your device and try to get rid of photos, apps and music that you no longer need. - I know I tend to keep photos on my phone for way too long and I have apps that I don't even remember downloading! 
  3. If you have anything important in your notes, it may be a good idea to export them in an email. Just incase notes resets itself. - I've had that happen. And if you're as forgetful as I am, I am sure you tend to put a lot of important stuff in your notes app ;)
  4. Lastly, wait patiently. - The update won't be available until tomorrow September 16th. And chances are everyone with an Apple device will be downloading the update at the exact same time and will take hours to install. (Been there) I would suggest waiting until later in the day or ever a few days from now. But if you are like me, again, forgetful and impatient you probably won't be able to wait!

A couple relate/kind of unrelated tasks I did tonight along with my back ups and patiently waiting... 

I noticed that I haven't exported my photos on my phone or from my Instagram account in a while. I usually export my photos from my phone a couple times a month, just to keep things current, incase something terrible happens to my phone. I don't want to lose all my photos. On my Mac, I use Image Capture to download all my photos from my phone. It is super easy to use! I just plug in my phone and open Image Capture. Then I create a new folder titled "import 9-15" (obviously the date will vary). I have organized my photos by year, month and then event. So, for example, "Pictures>2015>September>import 9-15" Like I said, super easy! Now you can either delete photos from there after you download them or go onto your phone and delete them from there. 

Next: exporting your Instagram photos! I use a website called instaportme all you have to do is log in with your Insta account and choose if you want to export all, some from a particular date, or time frame and then START EXPORT! Once again, you will have to be patient ;) this may take a while. 

Once it is down exporting click "download."

This will create a zip file. Go into your Downloads folder, the new file should be name Either move this file to a new location (similar to the file organization that I explained eariler, "Pictures>2015>September>Insta import 9-15" or double click to unzip right there. 

Since I have a few Apple devices, I did a back up on all them including my Mac Book. On September 30th, there is going to be an update to the software for Apple computers. I figured while I had the free time I would take care of all my devices. 

Hopefully this post was helpful or at least a good reminder for Apple users! 

Happy updating!