Doodle Romp at Sandy Hook, NJ

What is a Doodle Romp? At first I didn't think that I could say Google it, but yes, even Google knows what a Doodle Romp is. 

 Have you ever heard of a Labradoodle... Goldendoodle... pretty much anything Doodle? Well a Doodle Romp is a meet up for all the crazy Doodle people and their "doods". Yep, my family and I have become super crazy Doodle people and I think I am okay with it! This was our first Doodle Romp, and Ellie's first time at the beach. We weren't sure what to expect. Was it just going to be a bunch of Doodles and their huumans running around? Yeah, pretty much! 

I had a blast! I didn't plan on going in the water but I ended up going in, clothes and all. Ellie wouldn't get out of the water. Even though she was so tired and could barely stand she kept running back into the waves. 

Ellie needed some coaxing to get into the water. Once I walked in she was right behind me.